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Founded in 1983 as the sole importer of Caprari pumps in South Africa. Today the company is a multi-disciplined company offering turnkey services to the water industry from domestic to government institutes and major commercial companies around the world. The experience gained over the past 30 years gives Fab water engineering a full understanding of the water industry as well as the future needs for the sustainable growth of the industry at whole.

As a specialist company the future outlook is to provide long term solutions that provide the final user with tangible economical savings as well as a low environmental impact.

Fab water engineering is a professional organisation engaged with top market leaders in the pump and water industry. The products and services we offer are technically sound and offer superior operation.

Products & Services

Providing quality products manufactured by superior companies that will give the end user a longer lasting more efficient product for their project.


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Export Products & Markets

Fab water engineering has extensive export experience of many water related product. The company has exported equipment to Angola, Botswana, Egypt, Algeria, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, DRC ,USA and EU. We have an excellent knowledge of our market and products, making sure the best equipment is selected for the application.

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