P Series - Vertical Lineshaft Pumps

P series vertical lineshaft pumps, respected for their modern construction philosophy and flexibility of application, constitute a culmination of the experience accumulated by CAPRARI in more than 50 years of manufacturing units of this type.

The compact size, the elimination of priming and suction problems, and the practicality and economy of plant design are all unique features that serve to extend the potential for use of this series of pumps rather than conventional centrifugal units.

P series pumps can be installed in wells, tanks, dry chambers, and pressurized tanks with the pump body constantly submerged in the liquid to be pumped; this also increases the facility for automatic supervision of pumping stations, including remote control options.

In the case of water pumping from deep wells, these pumps make it possible to reach aquifers at depths of up to 120 metres in the standard version, and more than 250 metres in special versions purpose designed for specific applications.

These characteristics, considered together with the generous choice of special versions, make P series pumps ideal for many fields of pumping services: aqueducts, industrial water applications, water supply for civil and irrigation uses, fire-fighting systems.


Hydrotechnical characteristics

The broad range of pumps available ensures uniform coverage suitable to meet all types of demands for water supply pumping service, using the machines at optimum performance levels at all times. The power curve is such as to never overload the motor at any duty point. The required NPSH is kept basically low, thanks to the characteristics of the hydraulic design, making it possible to achieve exceptionally high specific flow rates.

Flexibility of use

Thanks to their modular and highly standardised construction, these pumps can meet multiple installation needs and also cope with possible changes of the plant duty. The total flow rate of the plant can be divided across several pumps operating in parallel, and the required total head developed by the pumps is achieved by altering the diameter of the impellers or changing the number of pump stages.

Compact size

In the event of installation in pumping rooms, space requirements are minimal, thereby making it possible to achieve the maximum economy of cost and savings of the available space in each installation.

Elimination of priming problem

In the case of installation in tanks, with all impellers submerged in the liquid to be pumped, the lineshaft pump does not require priming devices; the pump is always ready to operate and is therefore particularly suitable for automatic plants, in particular for fire-fighting services, avoiding the possible failures of suction sets (friction losses, loss of prime).

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