Oxy-Flow Aeration Assembly

OXY-FLOW is a valid answer when it comes to oxygenation and homogenizing in systems that treat sewage from civil, industrial and animal breeding complexes, aquiculture or aerated lagoon systems, with low investment and running costs.


The waste liquid is conveyed by an electric pump to the Venturi shaped duct of the ejector. The vacuum created draws air through the suction pipe leading outside. Thus obtained, the fluid air mixture has medium-fine bubbles. This achieves a large contact surface that encourages oxygen exchange with great efficiency levels.


Oxygen absorption by the liquid occurs naturally without aerosol effects. The process is completed by homogenization through circulation under the impulse of the output speed of the mixture as it leaves the diffuser pipe. This prevents the risk of settling and the relative anaerobic phenomena.

Compact and simple to install, OXY-FLOW can be used in tanks of any shape or size. The system is immersed in the treated fluid and is therefore fairly silent. The sound level can be further improved by use of a silencer.

Special Features

The high quality of the series KC+/KS+ submersible pumps used to form the units, the accurate shape of the ejector and diffuser on the delivery part along with the stainless steel diaphragm are all factors able to guarantee high efficiency, reliability and constant performances throughout the years. The lifting system allows straight suction pipes to be simply flanged from the ejector side.


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