MEC-MR Series - Multistage Pumps

The Suitable Pump for Hardest Services

The MEC-MR series are centrifugal, horizontal, single suction pumps with two or more impellers and fitted with a heavy duty pedestal which gives to the machine the high rigidity necessary for coupling it to combustion engines.

The MEC-MR pumps are the outcome of a large experience acquired both in designing and manufacturing as well as in the most common application such as public and industrial water supply, irrigation, firefighting and any fresh water handling.

The extended model range of these pumps, the possibility of direct coupling to electric motors or to combustion engines, the availability of special constructions on demand are enabling offers for each of the different applications, the best solution for dependability, efficiency and energy saving.


The pumps are composed of:

Suction casing, stage diffuser with deflector vanes, spiral pump casing, centrifugal impellers, shaft and pedestal, rods for pump fastening. Every impeller is fitted with a renewable seat ring.

The shaft is supported by two ball bearings, oil lubricated, housed inside the pedestal; the shaft of three or more stage pumps is guided also by a support, fitted with a bronze journal bearing, housed in the suction casing having a resting foot.

The shaft is fitted with an easy replaceable chromed gland packing sleeve.

Direction of rotation: clockwise viewed from drive side.


Pumps suitable for clean, chemically and mechanically non-aggressive waters.

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