MEC-MG Series - Flanged Multistage Pumps for Diesel Engines


  • Two and three stages horizontal shaft centrifugal pumps equipped with oversized support and bearings to provide superior coupling dependability for connection to a diesel engine flywheel flange type SAE3. Pumps are composed of suction cover, flow directing bladed diffusers, volute shaped casing, bearing housing, grey cast iron impellers, stainless steel shaft and external carbon steel tie bolts to securely fasten the pump assembly.
  • Two replaceable wear rings are provided for each impeller. The shaft is supported by two oil lubricated roller bearings.
  • There stage pumps incorporate an additional support for the shaft in the form of a bronze journal bearing located in the suction cover, equipped with a mounting bracket.
  • The pump shaft is protected by a replaceable chromed steel sleeve which is situated in the packing gland area.
  • A flexible coupling can be supplied on request providing flywheel connection dimensions are specified when ordering.

Main Uses

Pressure boosting, fire-fighting service, irrigation.

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