MEC-D Series - Trailer-Mounted Centrifugal Tractor Pumps

Ever Reliable & Durable

The trailer mounted centrifugal pumps MEC-D series are suitable for pumping water in mobile or semi-mobile irrigation systems, and in all other cases when a speed p.t.o. is available on endothermic engines (ex.: tank trucks for distribution of drinkable water).

Wheel Mounted Pump Outfit

The pump is bolted on a two-wheel trailer coupled to the tractor drawbar. A telescopic cardanic shaft connects the tractor power take-off shaft to the power in take shaft of the step-up gear box of the pump. The cardanic shaft coupling to the power take off and the trailer hooking to tractor drawbar can be done quickly and safety; in such a way the tractor can be easily released from pump unit without disconnecting the pipes, when pumping is over.

Tractor direct hydraulic lift mounted pump outfit or for a semi-mobile irrigation machine

A telescopic cardanic shaft connects the tractor power take-off shaft to the pump step-up gear box power intake shaft.


Horizontal centrifugal pump, delivery casing scroll shaped with one or two impellers in series. Axial suction inlet. Outlet radially set upwards with the possibility on demand to be rotated of 90° in both directions.

The pump casing and the diffusers of the two stages pumps are fitted with two wear rings for every impeller, easily replaceable when necessary.

The Pump shaft and driven gear is a single unit which is supported by two widely dimensioned bearings. The stuffing box seal, adjustable and easily accessible is housed in the pump casing. Where in contact with seal the shaft is protected with an easy replaceable chromed gland packing sleeve.

The pair of high-efficiency helical spur gears is housed in a stout box externally finned in order to better improve the cooling actions of lubricant oil. The lower side of this box suitably shaped and reinforced is designed to be supporting and anchorage base of the pump.


Pumps suitable for clean, chemically and mechanically non-aggressive waters.

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