Level-Start - Air-Operated Level Gauge

Level gauge mod. Level-Start has been designed to monitor the activation level of electric pumps installed to raise the waste water produced in urban and industrial areas and animal and breeding farms. It has proved to be particularly reliable for heavy-duty work where incrustations due to grease or detergents, or false signals caused by surface foam obstruct the regular operation of other regulating systems. The level is gauged by means of a watertight air-operated probe firmly positioned in the tank.

The pressure determined by the hydrostatic load bearing on the probe is transmitted to the plant (by means of a ΓΈ 8 mm pipe) which activates the start/stop commands of the electric pump when the preset levels are reached. Level-Start can either be supplied installed in the control and protection panel of the electric pump or as a separate unit in a fiberglass reinforced plastic housing with IP55 protection to install along with an already existing control device.


Each level gauge is present for a daily automatic "PROGRAMMED TANK CLEANING" function to eliminate accumulated solids. This is achieved by allowing the electric pumps to operate at a lower level than that at which they normally stop. The pneumostatically transmitted measuring system has no electric circuits or contacts in the tank and is therefore also suitable for installation in the presence of gas. One probe is sufficient to regulate the levels of several pumps. Periodical maintenance operations to clean the floats are no longer necessary.

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