KCT+ / KST+ Series - Electric Pumps with Shredder

High Efficiency Shredding Pumps

KCT+ / KST+ series electric submersible pumps with shredders are able to raise water containing solid or fibrous matter from housing estates, detached houses, camp-sites, hotels, filling stations, supermarkets, farms, food preserving industries, paper-mills and whenever solids in suspension must be shredded.

Innovative technical solutions sensibly improve performances, efficiency and reliability, guaranteeing a notable reduction in running and maintenance costs.

Although limited motor power ratings are used, the high pressure created allows the waste water to be conveyed over long distances and to overcome notable differences in level, making these pumps particularly suitable for other uses as well.

Innovation and Competitivity

  • Self-cleaning and non-clogging hydraulic part
    The hydraulic profiles have been accurately designed to notably reduce the risk of rotating parts becoming clogged and/or blocked by solids that are particularly hard to shred.

  • Long-lasting shredder
    Made of very hard stainless steel, the shape of the shredder ensures long-life and fade-free shredding capacity. No particular tools are required to replace this part.

  • Long-life bearings
    Bearing stress has been limited in these pumps.

  • High efficiency
    Optimum efficiency values for the entire range, consequently limiting the power required.

  • Recovery of hydraulic specifications
    These can be easily recovered whilst the pumps are operating since play caused by wear between the impeller and frontal disc can be reduced.
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