KC+ / KS+ Series - Electric Submersible Pumps

The Ultimate Pumps for Waste Water and Water Purification Equipment

KC+ / KS+ series electric sewage pumps are Italian technology's answer to the need to protect water and the environment from the degradation caused by the convulsive development of our industrial society. Water, after being treated terribly in residential, stock-farming and industrial use, is discharged into drainage systems.

If the essential conditions for life are to be conserved, it must then be purified to eliminate its pollutant content and returned to its natural cycle in the environment.

KC+ / KS+ electric pumps are specifically designed for pumping water up from residential and industrial drainage networks into sewage lifting stations or water purification plants. As well as single and double channel non-clogging impeller pumps, vortex pumps with open retracted impellers are also available. Whereas channel impellers are more efficient, vortex impellers are better at moving liquids with high concentrations of solids, long fibres and dissolved gas. You can find the right answer for all pumping needs in the Caprari range of submersible electric pumps.

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