K-Kompact Series - Dry Installed Sewage Electric Pumps

Waste water pumps for dry chamber installations

Innovative technology

CAPRARI's K-Kompact series pumps incorporate the very latest technology and are the result of constant investment in research and development. K-Kompact pumps are designed and made to handle residential and industrial waste waters.

K-Kompact pumps have been designed following innovative research into fluid dynamics and structural mechanics. They also feature an advanced motor-pump coupling to guarantee reliability and efficiency at a level unrivalled by other pumps. At last, even dry chamber installations can benefit from a truly advanced pump solution.

Innovative design allows the K-Kompact pumps to combine all the compactness of monoblock pumps with their reduced levels of vibration and limited size, with the robustness and versatility of stand-mounted pumps with elastic joints. K-Kompact pumps deliver excellent efficiency in single and double channel rotor configurations. The torque-flow recessed version is especially suitable for use with liquids containing high concentrations of solid particles, long fibres and dissolved gases.

Like all Caprari pumps, the K-Kompact series offers an unrivalled “Life Cycle Cost”, high efficiency, proven reliability and extremely low maintenance costs.


The main area of application for these pumps lies in water purification and treatment. In particular they can be used in denitrification, nitrification, sludge recirculation, and filter washing, and in industrial installations in general, especially in the textile, paper, steel, tanning, food, ceramic and marble industries.


  • Caprari torque-flow recessed, single and double channel wet ends
  • Adjustable, flanged suction and outlet ports
  • Double mechanical barrier seal with dedicated oil separation and lubrication chamber for maximum safety and reliability over time
  • Conductivity probe for constant control of mechanical seal efficiency
  • Double pump shaft bearings
  • IP55 electric motor with standard flange fitted as standard
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