HVU Series - Vertical Monobloc Electric Pumps

The vertical monoblock electric pumps have been designed using the most up to date computer aided techniques in order to achieve maximum hydraulic efficiency. The power drawn by each impeller is optimised to ensure full use of the motor rating.

The step Q/H hydraulic characteristic ensures operating stability; the pump is thus subjected to limited flow rate variation to limited flow rate variations even when there are notable differences in the head demands from the installation system.

Fully reliable, silent, vibration free and long lasting operation is ensured by the axial thrust compensating techniques, the quality of the materials used, and the adequate rotor bearing system. The pumps are subjected to a strict production and testing process for full "Quality Assurance".

Particular attention has been paid to the use and maintenance of these machines. The pump shaft seal can be inspected and replaces on all models whilst the pump remains connected to the system. This is achieved by simply removing the electric motor and coupling. These electric pumps are normally used to convey clean fresh water in the most varied situations. They are, therefore, ideal for specific use in industrial plants, aqueducts, residential use, irrigations, fire-fighting purposes, to raise the pressure with or without surge tanks, air conditioning systems, etc.

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