ENDURANCE - Stainless Steel Electric Mixed Flow and Radial Submersible Pumps

Research Aims at Value Innovation

Caprari presents ENDURANCE, the new range of fully stainless steel submersible pumps entirely made of precision castings and equipped with the DEFENDER protector, a Caprari international patent. ENDURANCE provides an excellent performance in the most extreme conditions with salty, aggressive and sandy water. Reliability, long life, protection, energy savings and a low impact on the environment are the features of this range. ENDURANCE is the result of the experience acquired by Caprari in over sixty years of endeavour to provide value innovations.

Protection. Safety. Durability.

The new ENDURANCE series features DEFENDER, a smart device designed, tested and patented by Caprari to protect the electric pumps from electrochemical corrosion and galvanic currents, passivating the stainless steel so as to create a further safety barrier. DEFENDER is one of Caprari’s value innovations, designed to significantly increase the duration of electric pumps used in heavy duty applications (sea water, polluted water and when galvanic currents are present).

Efficiency. Savings. Value.

The new ENDURANCE series is made of micro-cast stainless steel. Along with Caprari sophisticated design systems, this technology allows to achieve superior efficiencies thanks to the optimization of the hydraulic profiles (less friction and turbulence). The very thick stainless steel used and the seamless construction make the new ENDURANCE series extremely resistant to wear from sand and abrasion in general.

Moreover, in the radial models of the ENDURANCE series Caprari does not utilize tie rods but only the canned configuration so as to achieve a higher rigidity of the wet ends and extend pump life. Anyone who decides to couple Caprari wet ends and motors will have a further protection, thanks to a specific device that perfectly seals off the pump-motor coupling zone.

Application Fields:

  • Water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Fish farming
  • Desalination
  • Supplies for civil and industrial uses
  • Air conditioning
  • Underground water tables control
  • Landscaping
  • Artificial snow-making
  • Fire-fighting
  • Greenhouses and gardening
  • Leisure installations
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