Electric Submersible Booster Pumps

Extremely reliable and quiet in operation

Electric submersible booster pumps are the ideal solution in all those cases where it is essential to eliminate all the critical aspects concerning plant, environment, and maintenance requirements in applications involving traditional solutions; i.e. electric pumps with horizontal shaft.

The submersible pump is enclosed within a container and secured definitively with anchoring bolts. This solution creates a compact, robust structure that can be easily installed either vertically or horizontally, both in new plants or directly in existing piping.Caprari’s long experience and its wide range of submersible pumps designed to meet the various demands of the aqueduct, industrial, irrigation, fire fighting and all the most ommon systems for the distribution of fresh water, guarantees the user the optimal solution for reliability, efficiency and energy saving.

Main Advantages

  • Reduced plant costs: self-supporting, monolithic, and completely watertight construction ensures extremely limited space requirements compared with electric pumps with horizontal shaft, and enables optimization of the space available for installation.

  • Environmentally-friendly: the motor of the submersible booster pump is cooled by the pumped water itself, thus making ventilation of the room for dissipation of the heat to the outside superfluous. Cooling for surface motor pumps is indispensable, with the consequent emission of noise into the surrounding area.

    In addition, submersible booster pumps – already silent thanks to their design and construction, are surrounded by water, which serves as acoustic insulation, makes them even quieter in operation, and thus ideal for applications in pumping stations located in urban areas.

  • Reduced operating and servicing costs: once installed, pumps require no periodic maintenance such as changing the lubricating oil of the pump bearings, adjustment of packing seals and keeping the leaked water collection system efficient.


The containers may be made of galvanised steel or stainless steel. They can also be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as devices for protection against operating in a dry condition, or sensors for max./min. pressure, etc.

Plant Versatility

Wide range of plant solutions such as complexes of parallel units, “cascade” operation by means of pressure and/or flow rate sensors, possibly with one or more motor pumps assisted by inverters; installation directly on existing lines or on by-pass lines; direct installation in tanks.

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