E4XP Series - Electric Stainless Radial Submersible Pumps

In a class of their own, E4XP pumps have a precision cast stainless steel structure to guarantee lasting performance even in the most critical applications, such as particularly aggressive and/or abrasive waters. To guarantee long life even in particularly sandy areas, in addition to high-resistance materials, E4XP pumps also feature other ground-breaking, exclusive solutions never used on this type of product before.

"DEFENDER" Galvanic Protection

All E4XP pumps are fitted with a "DEFENDER" galvanic protector in the pump/motor coupling area. This device acts as a sacrificial anode to effectively protect the pump and electric motor from corrosion and galvanic currents at all times. An international patent has been filed for this pioneering invention.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Use of stainless steel casting guarantees unfailing performance even in the most heavy-duty applications
  • Q/H and efficiency values at the very top of the sector 8 different sizes to cover all applications
  • High-efficiency check valve to reduce head losses
  • High output and mechanical resistance radial impellers
  • Pump shaft highly resistant to mechanical wear and corrosion
  • Easily accessible stainless steel transmission coupling
  • Protected external cable on all models
  • Maximum overall diameter 98 mm
  • Easily dissembled, assembled, inspected and maintained
  • Highly reliable
  • Asynchronous submersible motor of the "inverter resistant"

Control Panel series XPBox

Control panel for the electropump's protection and security Device ESHT (Electronic System for High Torque) for the starting also in presence of sand for mono-phases motors.

Technical Features:

  1. Electronic control / monitoring board of exclusive Caprari property:
  2. n'2 analogue ports / n'1 digital port for the following configurations:
    • Command port for floats or pressure device
    • Control port for floats and level control probes protecting against dry running, with displayed protection status.
    • Port for double floats device, one for On and one Off.
  3. 230-400/24V safety transformer;
  4. Power relay to protect also the level governor;
  5. Against short-circuits Fuses.
  • Pump protection against dry running.
  • Multi-frequency operation.
  • Level control by means of floats or level probes.
  • All-purpose use (versatile, can be used also for various types of pump).
  • Increased starting torque for mono-phases motors.
  • Electronic protection against short-circuits.
  • Degree of protection for outdoor installation.
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