CMVY / CMDY / CMDX / CMRY / CBAY Series - Submersible Flow Accelerators and Mixers

Caprari solutions for mixing residential and industrial waste waters

Caprari presents a vast range of submersible mixers designed and built to offer complete, dependable, technologically innovative solutions using the most highly performing materials to achieve full potential in terms of operating efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Specific proposals are worked out for every different shape and size of tank and systems.

Caprari products have the following special features:

  • electric motors with low speed(4 and 6 poles) ensuring optimum performance and straightforward servicing
  • high-efficiency epicyclical gears to obtain a low propeller speed
  • two- and three-blade propellers with self-cleaning profile to prevent deposits of fibres that would negatively affect the hydraulic performance
  • hydraulics without conveyor ring to create less concentrated axial flows so that the kinetic energy transferred to the medium sets the greatest quantity of fluid mass in motion.

Caprari offers its exclusive and diversified know-how to assist its customers in choosing, positioning and sizing according to the type of tank, its size and submersion.

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