BHR Series - Single-Stage Centrifugal Pumps with Horizontal Shaft

A great pump for impressive flows

BHR pumps are the outcome of a large experience acquired both in designing, manufacturing as well as application in:

  • Irrigation
  • Fish farming
  • Industrial applications and more generally, any fresh water handling when large volumes are required.
  • Thanks to their particular features, these pumps offer optimum solutions when it comes to reliability and energy saving, while fade-free performances are guaranteed.
  • BHR pumps can be directly coupled to electric motors and to combustion engines.
  • Special versions are available on demand.
  • Pumps suitable for clean, chemically and mechanically non-aggressive waters.


Single-stage centrifugal pump composed of:

  • Pump casing: volute type with flanged delivery outlet in radial position, horizontally oriented; suction casing with axial flanged suction inlet.
  • Impeller: dynamically-balanced, mixed flow design, overhanging mounted on the shaft.
  • Shaft: protected by a replaceable bush at the gland and lined by two double-row oil lubricated ball-bearings.
  • Seal: adjustable, easily replaceable packing lodged in the gland “stuffing box” casing.
  • Bearings pedestal: flag shaped. Safe coaxial connection to either electric or internal combustion prime mover thanks to large construction tolerances in shaft, bearings and pedestal.
  • Direction of rotation: clockwise viewed from drive side.
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