Sewage and Waste Water Pumps

Sewage and Waste Water Pumps

Caprari sewage and waste water pumps are built with endurance in mind. We know that sewage and waste products must operate in the worst condition a pump can handle and Caprari has a vast knowledge on the design and manufacturing of sewage pumps. Caprari sewage and waste water pumps all have special features designed to prolong the life of the pump and mechanical seals. The sewage pumps are manufactured with the highest quality materials available. Incorporated into the pump design is the easy availability of common parts that are not specific to only Caprari pumps, this unique approach allows faster repairs and maintenance in the most remote parts of the world. It is Caprari's philosophy to design user friendly pumps that ultimately save money and down time. The pumps are guaranteed to give overall long term efficiencies saving energy and protecting our environment.

The Caprari submersible waste water pumps have one of the world’s largest duty ranges, giving the end user the most efficient selection for the application. Included in the Caprari range are 4 and 6 pole motors to improve pump ware.

Waste Water

The waste water and de watering pumps are designed to handle medium and low heads with small solid particles and sand in suspension. These pumps are used for construction sites and general de watering applications. Available in flows from 5 l/s to 680 l/s and heads to 65m in 230V / 400V standard and 525V on demand.

Sewage Pumps

The sewage pumps are designed to pump sewage solids and water with fibrous particles in suspension. Their main feature is the protection of the motor and mechanical seal from premature damage. These pumps are available with shredders and different impeller designs to handle a variety of applications. Free passage of up to 150mm on larger models.


  • Waste water
  • De watering
  • Sewage treatment
  • Sewage conveyance
  • Mine de watering
  • Abattoirs and farming
  • Lift stations
  • Paper pulp industry
  • Industrial waste water
  • General water pumping
  • Irrigation
Oxy-Flow Aeration Assembly

OXY-FLOW is a valid answer when it comes to oxygenation and homogenizing in systems that treat sewage from civil, industrial and animal breeding complexes, aquiculture or aerated lagoon systems, with low investment and running costs.

Level-Start - Air-Operated Level Gauge

Level gauge mod. Level-Start has been designed to monitor the activation level of electric pumps installed to raise the waste water produced in urban and industrial areas and animal and breeding farms.

KCT+ / KST+ Series - Electric Pumps with Shredder

KCT+ / KST+ series electric submersible pumps with shredders are able to raise water containing solid or fibrous matter from housing estates, detached houses, camp-sites, hotels, filling stations, supermarkets, farms, food preserving industries, paper-mills and whenever solids in suspension must be shredded.

KC+ / KS+ Series - Electric Submersible Pumps

KC+ / KS+ series electric sewage pumps are Italian technology's answer to the need to protect water and the environment from the degradation caused by the convulsive development of our industrial society. 

K-Kompact Series - Dry Installed Sewage Electric Pumps

CAPRARI's K-Kompact series pumps incorporate the very latest technology and are the result of constant investment in research and development. K-Kompact pumps are designed and made to handle residential and industrial waste waters.

D-M/DS-MS Series - Electric Submersible Pumps

The D-M Series electric submersible pumps are the pumps for handling surface drainage water. Thanks to their user-friendly design and high operating efficiency they offer unbeatable service to both man and the environment.

CMVY / CMDY / CMDX / CMRY / CBAY Series - Submersible Flow Accelerators and Mixers

Caprari presents a vast range of submersible mixers designed and built to offer complete, dependable, technologically innovative solutions using the most highly performing materials to achieve full potential in terms of operating efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Specific proposals are worked out for every different shape and size of tank and systems.

ARS Series - Radial Submerged Aerators

The ARS and ARS/S submerged aerators are an extremely flexible and versatile airing system for the treatment of wastewater and whenever mixing with aired is required in all kinds of difficult or awkward working conditions.