Varisco Pumps Italy specialise in sold fluid handling. The broad range of pumps include Self priming, submersible and positive displacement solutions that are specifically engineered to handle the toughest jobs. Varisco is one of the most well placed pump manufacturers in the solid fluid pumping market. The pumps can be used for a variety of applications including mine dewatering, sewage pumping, drainage, waste water , agriculture, petrochemical, industrial plants and the food industry.
Varisco pumps are easily maintained and spare parts are available for all the pump models. Self-priming pumps have become increasingly popular due to their simplicity and overall reliability. Around the world industrial users have found self-priming pumps more cost effective in life cycle cost compared to submersible pumps. The main advantage is the electric motor is surface mounted and the motor remains dry, as well as the pump section. By keeping the pump out of the water the life of the pump itself is increased due to no external corrosion. The maintenance is far simpler and less tooling is required for standard maintenance schedules.

There are several pump models available each suited to a specific industry or duty. Careful selection is necessary for these pumps as many factors influence the pump performance and overall life expectancy. The varisco pumps can be driven by electric motors, internal combustion engines and hydraulic motors or turbines. Varisco has become a household name around the world for reliable pumps for difficult applications. Born as a family company, it is now part of an international group fully committed to growth in niche markets. Continual investments in latest generation machine tools make the factory at Padova one of the best in its field.

Varisco specialises in self-priming centrifugal pumps for liquids with solids in suspension from 1½” to 12”, and positive displacement pumps for liquids of all viscosities from ½” to 10”. The production range also includes automatic firefighting units according to EN 12845 standard, EN 733 normalized centrifugal pumps, vertical multistage centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps for drainage and dredging.

Self-priming Principle

The air is drawn into the pump due to the negative pressure related by the moving impeller and is emulsified with the liquid contained in the pump body. The air-liquid emulsion is forced into the priming chamber where the lighter air is separated and leaves through the discharge pipe; the heavier liquid drops back down into circulation. Once all of the air has been expelled from the suction pipe, the pump is primed and works like a normal centrifugal pump.

The pump can also work with an air-liquid mixture. The non-return valve has a dual function: it prevents the suction pipe from emptying when the pump is off; in the event of accidental emptying of the suction pipe, this holds a sufficient amount of liquid in the pump body to prime the pump. The discharge pipe must be free to expel the air coming from the suction pipe.

  • Rapid self-priming: without standing valve. Once filled with water, the pump is automatically primed to a height of 7.5 m.
  • Simple construction: only one moving part: the impeller. Open-blade impeller allowing the passage of wide solid bodies and easy inspection
  • High resistance to abrasive liquids: the wear plate is easily replaceable.
  • Axial mechanical seal lubricated from the outside: no leaks or infiltration of air along the shaft.
  • Easy to install: only the suction pipe needs to be immersed in the liquid. The pump can be located above and in a dry place, in the most suitable location for service and control.
  • Long life: the parts subject to wear can be easily replaced, a number of times when necessary, restoring the original performance of the pump.

Varisco ST-R series pumps are recirculating self-priming pumps suitable for handling liquids with large solids in suspension. They are mounted above and out of the liquid to be pumped, enabling inspection and maintenance of the pump, drive and motor with greatly reducing health and safety hazards for maintenance personnel. The special design of the volute enables the pumps to prime and re prime automatically even without check valves. If the impeller should be clogged by rags or stringy materials, the large front cover can easily be removed to provide full access for inspection and maintenance. The entire rotating assembly can be removed from the pump casing without dismantling the pipes.

Varisco ST-R self-priming trash pumps are your best choice for difficult pumping applications: solid construction, easy installation and maintenance, replaceable wear parts. They feature both front and rear wear plates, protecting both the impeller and the seal housing from wear and reducing overall maintenance costs.

V series internal gear rotary pumps are suitable for pumping liquids of any viscosity. Solids cannot be handled, but the pumps can cope with abrasive particles. The vast range of fields of application includes:

  • Chemicals: solvents, acids, alkalis, alcohols, pharmaceuticals, isocyanate, polyol, sodium silicate
  • Petroleum products: gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, lubricating oil, additives, crude oil
  • Soap and detergents: surfactants, personal hygiene products, liquid detergents
  • Adhesives: glue, epoxy resins
  • Paint and ink: varnish, coatings, printing ink
  • Pulp and paper: liquor, coatings, lye
  • High temperature liquids: bitumen, tar, asphalt, heat transfer liquids
  • Foodstuffs: molasses, chocolate, cocoa butter, glucose, animal feed, vegetable oils, fat

Working Principle

V pumps are internal gear positive displacement rotary pumps. The flow is generated by two gears: the rotor and idler, one inside the other, separated by a crescent. As the gears rotate, liquid is drawn into the spaces created between the gears and the crescent. When the gears mesh, the liquid is forced out of the pump. The result is a smooth flow of liquid and high capacity combined with compact size


Quality certification used to be a goal: now it is a compulsory starting point. The concept of quality has moved a long way from the time that it meant products produced to a certain standard. ISO 9000 standards made the concept of Quality Assurance widely known: consistent quality to the expectations of customers comes through the application of appropriate procedures.

The current standards (ISO 9001:2008, known as Vision 2000) take the matter a step further forward: the underlying concept is Quality Management through processes which run all the way through the company. Deming, one of the people who started the drive to quality, once said: “If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

When Varisco achieved ISO 9001:1994 certification in 2000, the procedures were already drawn up with a view to implementing processes when the time came to upgrade to Vision 2000. Thus the current certification was achieved in 2003 without difficulty.
Quality is not a burden, but a way of life.

Innovation Centre

Even in a mature field such as pumps, there is a continual need for innovation in the design and materials used, in order to meet ever more stringent standards for safety at the workplace and protection of the environment. Varisco have invested in a purpose built three-storey Innovation Centre alongside the factory, dedicating considerable resources to keep at the forefront of pumping technology.

At the heart of the Innovation Centre is a laboratory for testing pumps, divided into two areas: water for roto-dynamic pumps and oil for positive displacement pumps.

The "water area includes three fully automatic stations equipped with DC motors for exact speed control, and a unique vertical test facility, over 10 metres high, for priming and NPSH testing of pumps from 1" to 12". The oil area can accommodate positive displacement pumps from 1" to 10".

The oil is contained in four tanks with a cooling system to ensure that the viscosity remains constant during the test. The viscosity range is from 50-500 cSt. A sophisticated data acquisition system collects all the test results and makes them available immediately for detailed analysis.

The Innovation Centre staff also supervises field testing of pumps with new materials or features in collaboration with selected key users. When ideas prove their worth in the real world, they are made available to all Varisco customers.