Caprari Pumps

Caprari Pumps

Caprari has been one of the international leading manufacturers of pumps, electric pumps and submersible motors for both civil and industrial use since 1945. Caprari Pumps can deal with all the customer's needs and provides the most efficient solutions for the main water and wastewater requirements: borehole pumps, vertical turbine pumps, surface pumps, drainage pumps and electric pumps and aeration system for sewage. 

BHR Series - Single-Stage Centrifugal Pumps with Horizontal Shaft

BHR pumps are the outcome of a large experience acquired both in designing, manufacturing as well as application

ARS Series - Radial Submerged Aerators

The ARS and ARS/S submerged aerators are an extremely flexible and versatile airing system for the treatment of wastewater and whenever mixing with aired is required in all kinds of difficult or awkward working conditions.