Caprari Pumps

Caprari Pumps

Caprari has been one of the international leading manufacturers of pumps, electric pumps and submersible motors for both civil and industrial use since 1945. Caprari Pumps can deal with all the customer's needs and provides the most efficient solutions for the main water and wastewater requirements: borehole pumps, vertical turbine pumps, surface pumps, drainage pumps and electric pumps and aeration system for sewage. 

KC+ / KS+ Series - Electric Submersible Pumps

KC+ / KS+ series electric sewage pumps are Italian technology's answer to the need to protect water and the environment from the degradation caused by the convulsive development of our industrial society. 

K-Kompact Series - Dry Installed Sewage Electric Pumps

CAPRARI's K-Kompact series pumps incorporate the very latest technology and are the result of constant investment in research and development. K-Kompact pumps are designed and made to handle residential and industrial waste waters.

HVU Series - Vertical Monobloc Electric Pumps

The vertical monoblock electric pumps have been designed using the most up to date computer aided techniques in order to achieve maximum hydraulic efficiency. The power drawn by each impeller is optimised to ensure full use of the motor rating.

HMU Series - Multistage Centrifugal Pumps with Horizontal Shaft

The HMU series are multistage centrifugal pumps, horizontal, single suction, fitted with a heavy duty pedestal which gives to the machine the high rigidity necessary for coupling it to combustion engines.

ENDURANCE - Stainless Steel Electric Mixed Flow and Radial Submersible Pumps

The new ENDURANCE series features DEFENDER, a smart device designed, tested and patented by Caprari to protect the electric pumps from electrochemical corrosion and galvanic currents, passivating the stainless steel so as to create a further safety barrier. 

Electric Submersible Booster Pumps

Electric submersible booster pumps are the ideal solution in all those cases where it is essential to eliminate all the critical aspects concerning plant, environment, and maintenance requirements in applications involving traditional solutions; i.e. electric pumps with horizontal shaft.

Stainless Steel Submersible Electric Pumps

The main feature of the radial wet end is that high operating pressure values are reached. The reason for this is that the limited axial size of the hydraulic components allows wet ends with a high number of stages and a short overall length to be constructed. This guarantees an adequate support for the rotating parts.

E4XP Series - Electric Stainless Radial Submersible Pumps

In a class of their own, E4XP pumps have a precision cast stainless steel structure to guarantee lasting performance even in the most critical applications, such as particularly aggressive and/or abrasive waters.

E Series - 6" - 22" Electric Submersible Pumps

Caprari presents the "E" Series, a complete range of electric submersible pumps with many versions to respond to the ever changing and more sophisticated needs of professionals in the water world.

CMVY / CMDY / CMDX / CMRY / CBAY Series - Submersible Flow Accelerators and Mixers

Caprari presents a vast range of submersible mixers designed and built to offer complete, dependable, technologically innovative solutions using the most highly performing materials to achieve full potential in terms of operating efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Specific proposals are worked out for every different shape and size of tank and systems.